Greg Osmond Financial Services can provides a broad range of Financial Services to you to help you deal with planning for your retirement, funding education for your children, buying a new home, financing a new cottage, or any of the other financial issues that will show up during your lifetime, and after. We are here to help with lots of good advice along the way.

Financial Planning


We can help you to develop a complete financial plan to help you plan for your family's financial future and to help determine whether you are on-track to achieving your goals. We will  also help you to prepare for any roadblocks that you may encounter on the way.

Life Insurance


We can help you to obtain the life insurance coverage that you need.  Life insurance is very important. It can protect your children and your spouse in case of your untimely death. It  can insure that your family has money  to cover funeral  and other final expenses. It can also be used as an effective tax planning strategy to save for retirement or to pay the taxes owing on assets left to your children.

Health Plans


We can help you to put together a health plan for  your family or we can help setup a complete group health plan for your business. We have more than 10 health plan providers that can offer you the best medical, dental, and prescription drug plans available.  You can also click on a link on this website to get an online quote and purchase a plan online.

Other Insurances


We can help you to protect your family in case of 

accidents, disabilities or sickness with a variety of insurance products including accidental insurance, critical illness insurance, long term and short term disability insurance and many others. We can help you to protect your family's income in case of accident, disability or sickness.

Wealth Management


We can help you to put together a portfolio to help you achieve your investment goals.  We can help you choose the best investments to meet your needs while considering your risk tolerance level and investment time frame. We can also help you to evaluate the best options from a tax planning perspective. We know that you need your money working hard for you without without you having to lose sleep at night.

Segregated Funds


We can help you to choose some of the industries best performing segregated funds available in the market place today. We can offer you some of the best managed investment funds on the market that are managed by the top portfolio managers. While we don't believe in chasing last year's highest performers we do believe in comparing long term returns in order to choose the best portfolio for you.